How partners can help

In the face of overwhelming demands on overstretched state and host community resources, Uganda's progressive model of refugee protection and management cannot be sustained without support from the international community and other partners.


The international community, financial institutions, private sector and other well-wishes are called upon to:

  • Provide predictable funding for life-saving humanitarian activities.
  • Promote resilience initiatives through support to:

- strengthen integrated service delivery

- enhance the socio-economic integration of refugees

- reinforce security services in refugee-affected areas; strengthen rule of law

- safeguard public health/disease prevention: safe drinking water; enhance capacitiy of health structures

- provide education, skills training and jobs for high population of children and youth

- exploit market opportunities, invest in post-harvest processing of agricultural produce

  • Capacity building and technical support to national institutions.
  • Increase resettlement/third country solutions.
  • Invest in developing human capital in order for refugees and host communities to contribute to the development of Uganda and their country when a durable solution is realized.
  • Job creation through Investment in manufacturing, trade etc: post harvest processing (maize, rice, millet, oil production), animal husbandry, fisheries, commodities.
  • Commit to address the root causes of refugee crises and achieve long-term peaceful solutions in order to create conditions that are conducive for large-scale voluntary return in safety and dignity.